Thoughts turning to party season…

17 Oct

Ok, so I know I’m a super early, but me and the girls in the Simply Beauty office are already talking about those festive parties, starting to think about what we’re going to wear and how we’re going to do our hair and make-up, eeekkk – I just love that time of year!

Here’s a sneak peak at the shoot!

The reason for us getting way too excited this early is because we work on a magazine and we have to work a few months ahead, so we’ve just completed our Christmas issue which included a brilliant shoot with our new make-up artist Kirsty Lord who’s showing a step-by-step guide to a gorgeous party look that we can’t wait to try out. (So we do have a good excuse to get Christmassy early!)

This will be featured in our December issue, so won’t be out for a while but I’ll remind you nearer the time – it really is one not to be missed! We’re also working on lots of lovely projects that you can try to have a natural (and cheap!) Christmas, making unique gifts for your nearest and dearest.

But for now, if you’re starting to feel the cold, why not pop along to WH Smith’s and pick up the November issue of Simply Beautiful to try your hand at a wonderful facial steaming recipe and a gorgeous warming tropical face and body wash – both great now the days are turning colder?

SB Team x


One Response to “Thoughts turning to party season…”

  1. Natalie Roberts October 20, 2011 at 9:28 pm #

    Everyone should try the facial steaming recipe 😉

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