Cornish Beauties!

14 Oct

If you’re anything like me and are starting to realise just what exactly is being put into the harmful and chemically filled, over priced high street products on the shelves today which always seem to fail to deliver what they promise, then carry on reading!

My skin isn’t too bad but I, like many others, am prone to break outs and over the years have noticed a change in my skin type. In my teenage years it didn’t seem to be too much of a problem but now I have noticed as I get older that I suffer from dry patches and yet oily patches in other areas. But all the high street brands that have promised me the world have been used to no avail. Nothing seems to work to combat all these aspects.

Having researched organic skincare products over the months for our pages, I have discovered a little gem, which I’m sure many of you have already unearthed.

Spiezia Organics was founded in the 1990’s and were one of the first organic farms to be established in Cornwall, being the original company in the UK to have Soil Association accreditation across 100% of there range. All their packaging is made from 100% recycled products which meet the high standards of the association.

I have tried their facial cleanser and toner and I really love how it makes my skin feel – I noticed a difference as soon as I put the cleanser on. It smells gorgeous and is of a light consistency which is easily absorbed into my skin. I wipe the cleanser off with a warm cloth and treat my skin to the toner and follow up with moisturiser.

Since using it for a good few weeks, I’m still hooked on the products from the first time of using them. My skin has dramatically improved and has evened out, my skin feels smooth and looked after. I have even had comments saying how much better my skin looks.

When I think about the beauty of Cornwall, it doesn’t surprise me just how many organic skin care companies are operating there. The fresh and rugged natural landscape and the clean air makes my head dizzy!

With nature in abundance and the laid back lifestyle, I certainly miss living there and still hold Cornwall dear to my heart. I really don’t think I could move away from Spiezia now. I really enjoy using their range and it feels good to know I am still able to support Cornish living. I love having my own little bottle of Cornwall with me in my bathroom cabinet everyday!

Helen x


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